Lenox Student Art Show

The Lenox Studetn Art Show at Lenox Library’s Welles Gallery, opens 11/21 is runs through Dec. 16th.

LMMHS Students are invited to respond to the theme of “No Mud, No Lotus.” This metaphor is a way of identifying and expressing the mud of our lives (pandemic, loss, isolation, etc.) and learning that out of that very mud, our lotuses (gifts, talents, unique beauty) emerge; that painful or difficult experiences are the raw material to create happier life experiences and insights.

Eileen Mahoney, Interfaith Reverend and creator of Viriditas: Greening of the Soul, and Deirdre McKenna, Creative Services Manager for Lenox Chamber, will co-chair. Art teachers Karen Romeo-Leger and Alexa Bermudez will present the theme to students. The project will culminate in an art show in the Welles Gallery, Lenox Library, 11/22 through 12/6, 2022. Works in a variety of 2D & 3D media will be on display. Three scholarship awards will be given to Senior students, chosen by a panel of jurors, for works that demonstrate artistic excellence.

This art show is supported by The Lenox Cultural District, The Lenox Chamber of Commerce, and Trinity Church, Lenox.