Lenox for a Day

<p>Tanglewood. Photo: edwardackerphotographer.com</p> <p>Tanglewood.</p>
10 Stops
Duration: 01:00:00

Arrive early and stay late. Lenox will keep you engaged, enlivened, and energized! Start off the day in the center of town for a tasty brunch and a hot cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Then explore parks, cultural events, local gilded-age history, and more both by foot and car. Follow it up with a delicious dinner and evening entertainment. Perhaps even a late-night cocktail? Wake up the next morning and reward yourself with a brisk or quiet walk through a trail-laden park or contemplative reflection at a historic spiritual site. Lenox is for all seasons! Our Lenox for a Day tour will be updated throughout the year. Please visit our beautiful town again to fully experience all that Lenox has to offer. Stops 1 through 5 and 7 to 8 are all in or near downtown Lenox and can be done by foot. Stop 6 and 9 through 11 may require a car.

Photo: Edward Acker

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