Lenox for a Day

<p>Tanglewood. Photo: edwardackerphotographer.com</p> <p>Tanglewood.</p>
10 Stops
Duration: 01:00:00

Arrive early and stay late. Lenox will keep you engaged, enlivened, and energized! Start off the day in the center of town for a tasty brunch and a hot cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Then explore parks, cultural events, local gilded-age history, and more, both by foot and car. Follow it up with a delicious dinner and evening entertainment. Perhaps even a late-night cocktail in front of the fire...wake up the next morning and reward yourself with a brisk or quiet walk through a trail-laden park, or a contemplative reflection in The Mount's 2 gardens. Lenox is for all seasons! Our Lenox for a Day tour will be updated throughout the year. Please visit our beautiful town again to fully experience all that Lenox has to offer. Be sure to click the tiny folded map icon in the middle of your phone screen to navigate.

Photo: Edward Acker

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